Shipping & Billing


We ship from our office and tried to get you your order as soon as possible. Depending on the orders and product availability, delivery can ship out in 1-5 business days. Orders will typically arrive within 2-5 business days after shipment. Most orders will be in stock, but in cases where larger purchases need to be infused or created from scratch we ship out in 2 weeks.

Orders over $49.99; ships out for free! 

At this time, we can accept orders only from Domestic customers.


We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. To ensure your payment information is protected, we process orders through the Shopify checkout system and process payments using PayPal. Credit card and debit card numbers are never viewable by our personnel or stored on our company's servers.

Charges on your card or PayPal are made by our operating company, Shop Herbs and Spice LLC, and will be reflected on your statement as a charge by "PAYPAL* Herbs and Spice".

**Anti-Fraud Policy: To protect our customers, we take the threat of credit card fraud very seriously. In cases where fraud is suspected (for example, where billing information provided for a credit card does not match what is on file with the credit card company), we may notify you that the processing of your order has been delayed pending investigation. Additionally, we reserve the right to cooperate with the FBI and/or local law enforcement in relation to such suspected fraud, as well as pursue civil remedies against suspected perpetrators.